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Who we are


Panos Kappos
Owner of Prime Skepsis

He operates in advertising since 1989.
He has worked in various advertising agencies,
digital printing companies, in graphic arts studios
and commercial enterprises in the section of Marketing & Advertising
as Graphic Designer, Art Director and Advertising Manager.
He founded Prime Skepsis in 2000.


Prime Skepsis is a company that operates successfully in the field of advertisement and it’s staffed by experienced & accomplished professionals.

With fresh ideas, appetite for work, imagination but also consequence, we have aim the achieved cover & promotion of our customers.

Our wide spectrum of services, covers almost the total of advertisement and promotion.

We know very well, that the needs of modern advertisement & communication, are many and various. The knowledge of object is certainly the first and the biggest of these.

In Prime Skepsis we have the knowledge and the experience that is required, in order to satisfy them.

The correct advertisement is condition for the success of our customers and at the same time it’s also success for us..