Advertising Structures
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Advertising Structures

7 March 2015

1. Client: Alti Santorini suites (hotel) – Leather triagle sign with screen printing

2. Client: Aqua luxury suites (hotel) – Fabric pouch with screen printing

3. Client: National (car rental company) – Carton leaflet’s stand with offset printing, laminate and cutting

4α. Client: Γεύσεις (tavern) – Wooden sign with artificial aging and digital printing on the wood

4β. Client: Το Ακρογιάλι (fish tavern) – Wooden hand painted outside menu cover

4γ. Client: Το Καπηλειό (tavern) – Wooden outside menu cover with digital printing attached by leather

5. Client: YMC (motosrcycles company) – Metal laser cutted sign

6. Client: Intividual – Artistic paper invitation with gold printing and embossed

7. Client: Δεναξάς (honey produser) – Label with offset printing

8. Client: Global (motorcycles company) – Spiral bound calendar with offst printing